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Fundraising & Events

It's Great, But Making It Better. 

Like everyone else we are finding it hard to accomplish the goals that clubs and organizations of the school have asked us for. Together, with your help we will succeed. 


Parents Club does their best to attend various school events to show their support. We will be selling clothing and assorted hot and cold foods, snacks, drinks and of course – our famous popcorn! Check back here often to see where we’ll pop up next!

Sports Awards Recognition Nights

Each year Parents Club proudly hosts the JH/JV Pasta and Dessert Sports Dinner and the Varsity Sports Dinner where athletes are recognized by their coaches and peers! Click on the link to check out out further! 

Pre - Prom

Parents Club proudly sponsors PRE-PROM for more than the past twenty years. Pre-Prom is a chemical-free celebration featuring the Seniors as they walk the red carpet runway like the stars they are! This event is attended by the senior class’s family, staff, administration and the  South High  School  underclassmen! The graduating class chooses each Pre-Prom’s theme and through the help of the parents and volunteers, we work very hard to create the ambiance desired for the theme! 

Adult Night Out

It’s not always about the kiddies – sometimes the old folks need to have some downtime as well. This year we will be holding several fundraisers strictly for the over 18 group! Check back here for more details!


In June, the Parents Club proudly presents scholarships to graduating seniors. There are currently eight scholarships that our annual fundraising efforts support.

Past Accomplishments

The electronic sign for the Gladys Avenue entrance was delivered on August 20th 2011 to South High and district offices installed the sign. Thank you to all the parents, students, staff, local organizations, businesses and residents who generously contributed to the fundraising efforts.


Brand new chairs from the Class of 2010. A wonderful addition of an illuminated Scoring Table with Falcon Logo secured through Parents Club. Recently Updated gym flooring and paint job completed by district. Parents Club with the help of current students families and alumni raised enough money to replace all the banners in the gym! 



Every fall, Parents Club looks forward to Homecoming! Homecoming for Parents Club is a week full of various events. The week started off with float making. Before we knew it, it was the middle of the week, Tonis of food shopping, weeding, flower planting, spray painting and even more float creation! Friday starteded with helping the Senior Class of 2014 with their BBQ. Friday afternoon was Pep Rally and final float construction. Saturday morning began bright and early with spray painting the new 50 yard Falcon logo and  the sidelines with Go Falcons! Setting up the concession stand, rose thorn removal, tunnel erecting, Parade set up/participation, Senior Walk participation, and many more hands behind the conesssions stand and food prep! Way to go everyone! Click the link below to see photos! 


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